Terms & Conditions

Refund Policy

Because of the digital nature of our products, once we have sent you digital download link to the product you have purchased, we are unable to provide a refund as there is no way to be certain that the files have not already been downloaded and saved on your hard drive.

If you are not sure about a purchase, please contact us before completing the transaction so we can answer any questions you might have.

We accept payment via Credit/Debit Card and Paypal

Web Hosting

For configuration and installation, you will need to have a web hosting account. SoftMarketPlace does provide free application hosting for our clients for free for the first 3 months. After that you will be billed monthy. Please check our site for the current rates. If you decide to move your application after the first 3 months, you will be repsobible for any costs associated with transfering and/or installing on your own servers. If you want us  to install on your servers initally, please provide your support rep with your web hosting account information.

Mobile Developer Accounts

For mobile applications, we provide the service of compiling your custom branded mobile applications for submission to the iTunes App Store and Google Play stores. If you do not have your own developer id for the app store in question, you may want to consider applying for one from Apple and/or Google Play. This will ultimately help your brand presentation and will also give you greater control over the distribution of your application as well as access to tracking and stats provided by the app stores. Otherwise, your application will be published with SoftMarketPlace named as the publisher by default.