Time Tracking Mobile Application
Time Tracking Mobile Application

Time Tracking Mobile Application

Perfect for Freelancers and small creative or professional firms, keep track of your billable hours using your own Time Tracking App for Apple iOS. Having your own app to track hours adds professionalism to each job that you do, enabling you and your team to stay on-task and to bill for actual hours worked.

On the main screen you see a timer and your activities for the current day. You can add as many activities as you want, since this app uses Core Data to store the activities and the history. If you’re a freelancer, this app comes in handy, because you can track the time you spent with each of your project, and once done, you can easily export it in a .csv format so you can use it in any spreadheets (e.g.: Microsoft Excel, google drive).

You can also put the app into background, while running an activity, it will continue counting while you’re reading other stuff on Safari or using your phone for other stuff.


  • Full documentation for every methods, properties
  • Core data to store all data
  • Email sharing to share the .csv files
  • written using ARC
  • NSTimer
  • NSFetchResultControllers
  • Graphics
  • Retina display ready (of course)
  • Supports iOS 5+
  • Supports iPhone 5 screen
  • Background mode
  • Animations

version 2.0 also contains:

  • Display total time on the main view, that spent on the current day.
  • Sort activities by date in history view.
    • Current version 2.1 (05. march):
      • Special animation when switching between views, using CALayers
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